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Please feel free to make use of our newly designed 'Moving checklist' this covers all the little things the stress of moving may have pushed to the bottom of your brain. Click the image below to download the pdf or find it on the bottom of our homepage.


Preparing to move into a new home can be a very stressful and chaotic period of your life. Packing up your belongings is a very time consuming and tiresome process, which is why we have created these handy labels to stick on your packing boxes. They will hopefully make the unpacking process a bit easier for you as they have been colour coded by room and you are able to add the contents of the boxes on it too!

Moving is often a stressful time for everyone involved, and when you’re moving with children you’ll have to consider that it can be a lonely time as well. It can be difficult for a child to feel at home in a new environment without the familiar faces of their friends around and breaking into new social groups and relationships can be an intimidating prospect.

Before the move it is a good idea for both you and your children to pack 'survival bags'. Ask your children to decide which three items they would take on a desert island and pack these in a bag. This is not only a fun way to involve your child in the packing process but also provides a sense of security as depending on their age they will choose their favourite things. Make sure your children have toys, which can be easily accessed to keep them entertained.

entertaining kids during removals

Not everyone can afford a babysitter to watch the kids whilst moving house, so why not try some of these tips to keep the kids happy and busy during a very hectic period:

Before the big day:


For a small to average sized move (anything up to two bedrooms) you are probably ok with a 3.5 ton Luton Transit.

For bigger house moves the 7.5 ton purpose built removal truck would be more appropriate!

Kids and child storage for toys after removals

Tired of tripping over toys and clutter? You don't always need to move house – instead try these tips to keep your home tidy and stress free. 

kids and child storage for toys and removals

Sheds: Fed up of your house being cluttered? Why not store larger items such as bikes, buggies and larger toys out in the shed?

how to make a box rocket


What you will need:
1 Large Box
A Pair of Scissors
Paint & a Paintbrush
A RulerA Pen
Duct Tape
Extra Cardboard

Step 1

The large box is the base of the rocket. Cut three sides
of the box to create a door, fold it back so that it is hinged.

iphone social removals

3 essential tips for socially integrating

Moving with your family is an exciting and gratifying time, but can also be immensely complex and stressful. Even besides the array of practicalities to account for, including preparing your children for the big transition, the process of integrating with your new neighbourhood and community can be a long and difficult one.

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