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Have you just began packing up your family home for the big move and realised you have way too way much stuff? Did you open up the garage to find old bikes the kids have outgrown or exercise equipment you promised to use but didn't? Well, why not put your belongings through this declutter flowchart to help you decide what stays and what goes!


We’ve commenced the Christmas countdown, which means we’re getting ready for one of the season’s greatest gifts: Christmas in Scotland. We love Edinburgh at Christmas time, and luckily the capital has more than enough on during this festive season to give residents and visitors alike one cracker of a Christmas period.

the feeling when buying a new home

How many times did you view your new home before deciding it was the one for you? Once, twice, three times or did you know just from looking at the photos online? You hear people talk about getting that "feeling" when they walk into a home. That "feeling" where they instantly know it is the right one for them. We want to find out if that "feeling" is real or if it is just a myth. Share your thoughts by voting below!

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful times in a person's life, especially if you are moving with kids. In honour of National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD) we have gathered a small list of things you can do in your new home to help you relax and de-stress.

Are you the new family on the street and want to get to know your neighbours a bit better?

With Halloween almost upon us, if you haven't already got your kids' costumes all sorted, why not try these easy cardboard creations with the help of your little ones?

1. Lego Block 

Really simple to make, will only take around 20 minutes.


As a child, I used to love it when my mum would let me bake with her. As this is National Baking Week, why not get comfortable in your new kitchen and try some of these recipes with your little ones? Print out our illustrated recipe for Mary Berry's fairy cakes and get started!

What kid has not always dreamed of having a tree house in their back garden. My dad always promised that he would build me one as a child but unfortunately never got around to it. So here are our top 5 tree houses you wish you could build for your kids...


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You have just moved into your new home, wondering what important people or companies do you need to notify with your new address? We have compiled a downloadable list that you can print off and fill out at your leisure. It includes everyone from your bank to your kids schools or colleges.


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