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As a child, I used to love it when my mum would let me bake with her. As this is National Baking Week, why not get comfortable in your new kitchen and try some of these recipes with your little ones? Print out our illustrated recipe for Mary Berry's fairy cakes and get started!

What kid has not always dreamed of having a tree house in their back garden. My dad always promised that he would build me one as a child but unfortunately never got around to it. So here are our top 5 tree houses you wish you could build for your kids...


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You have just moved into your new home, wondering what important people or companies do you need to notify with your new address? We have compiled a downloadable list that you can print off and fill out at your leisure. It includes everyone from your bank to your kids schools or colleges.


In our ever changing, ever evolving technological world gone are the days of new baby books, journals and wedding albums. These have seemingly been replaced by apps, online clouds and other mobile devices that collate content for you, a virtual scrapbook if you will. The advantages of this are obvious, but the disadvantages aren’t as clear; are we forgetting the enjoyment of building out memory books and scrapbooks? Are we forgetting about the satisfaction you get when you find it 10 years later?

This week brought news of a new addition to our royal family - and while parents the world over are feeding their #royalbaby fever, we think this is the perfect time to introduce a little monarchical magic to play time. If you’re a parent or primary school teacher looking for some creative ways to spice up the children’s toy box and fancy taking some inspiration from the British Monarchy themselves, Removal Services Scotland can help.

Here are some quick, easy and fun craft ideas to give your imperial infants the pure, unadulterated royal treatment.

One of the last things that is on your mind after you have settled into your new home is fire safety. But as discussed in our previous blog post, you need to be prepared in the event of a fire, especially when you have children. The first precaution is to make sure all the smoke alarms in your new home have working batteries in them.

So you are all settled into your new home, everything went as smoothly as one could hope: smiles for the whole family. However, you now have a stack of cardboard boxes you don’t need cluttering up your space. You don’t want to just throw them away, no, that would be silly! So why not get creative and re-use them to create something fun that your kids will love you for. Need some ideas? Well help is at hand…


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If your family’s making the big move to Edinburgh, or you’ve got a son or daughter moving to this beautiful city for university, Removal Services Scotland can help.

So you have managed to make it through the stressful experience that is moving house, congratulations we salute you. Now it's time to party!! Let your friends and family know that you have moved and invite them to celebrate this next chapter of your life with you. Simply click the image below and print out the invitations to your house warming party on A4 card, all you need to do is fold in half, fill out the relevant information, pop it in an envelope and send it out. 

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