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Fed up with staring at the bare walls in your new home? Why don't you showcase your children's talent and exhibit their artwork around the house? It can be difficult for kids to get comfortable in a new environment, so this is a good way to help them feel more relaxed in their new home. Here are five interesting and clever ways to showcase your kids' artwork:


The eagerly anticipated 2015 6 Nations tournament is just around the corner, where the northern hemisphere’s top sides will come to blows in what is one of the most exciting rugby tournaments on the planet. This year’s Championship sees three 6 Nations fixtures set to take place at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium, with Wales, Italy and Ireland all heading north to the home of Scottish rugby - and it’s sure to be a cracker!

Moving house is a very stressful time in a family's life but with some careful organisation and plenty of forward planning, you can help minimise this stress. We have designed a guide that you might want to use to help organise the process as efficiently as possible. 'The Complete Moving House Timeline' is a three week guide that includes everything you will need to do to get ready for the big day.

Download a pdf version of the guide here.

As the date of your removal draws near you will doubtless be asking yourself 'what should I be doing in readiness?'

The following hint and tips have been compiled by our moving teams to answer these questions; with each point playing an important part in assisting them to provide you with a smooth and trouble free move. The following can not only be used as a working document in preparing for your move, but also as a final check list on the day before your move. Simply click then image and hit print!

Golf and Scotland are synonymous, with the modern day version of the sport originating in Scotland’s rolling hills sometime in the 15th century. Today, Scotland is legendary for its numerous golf courses, spectacular scenery and sporting culture. And this year, the world-famous Open Championship returns to St. Andrews - both the official and spiritual home of golf.

It's about that time again when everyone is making their New Year's resolutions – vowing to get fit and healthy or to spend more time with loved ones. But what about your home? It needs some TLC too, so why not set some resolutions for it?

Sound good? Well here are our picks for home New Year resolutions and how you can accomplish them:


The only thing more exciting than Christmas with the family is spending it in a new home. With a brand new house ready to be filled with cosy Christmas memories, it’s ultimate opportunity to deck the halls - and what better way to do that than by getting a little creative?

Leaving your last home behind can feel like you’ve left some memories with it - but the upside is that this is a chance to capture some new Kodak moments and transform the blank canvas that is your new home into a vibrant palette of good times.

To keep with tradition as well as to get in the festive spirit, we always decorate the main living room of the house for Christmas. Nobody gets more excited about Christmas than kids, however, so why not let them bring the holiday spirit into their own bedrooms this year?

Here are seven easy ways they can create the perfect holiday haven!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, one that should be spent with family and loved ones. But, if you have just moved house, your family's Christmas traditions might be the last thing on your mind. It is important, however, that your children feel relaxed in their new environment as moving can be just as daunting a process for them, too. Baking is a great activity to do with kids and can help get them in the festive spirit, so why not make a gingerbread house in your new house?

Living with kids can sometimes feel like living in a war zone - with innocent playtimes often descending into explosive tantrums, and unsuspecting parents more often than not caught in the crossfire. We may not be able to turn playtime into anything other than perfect chaos - but what we definitely can do is organise the aftermath.

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