FAQs for Archiving Documents

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FAQs for Archiving Documents

“Once again, all very well mannered, hard working and diligent.”

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FAQs for Archiving Documents

Archiving documents isn’t difficult, but it’s something that has to be done in the correct way consistently to achieve the best results.

Our Guide for Archiving Documents offers guidance through the whole process to help you archive your documents and in turn helps us find the material you require efficiently when you need it. You can download a full PDF version of the guide by clicking the link below. If you’re still unsure of any part of the process, we hope this FAQ page will help to solve your query. Use the links below to view these FAQs by theme.

If you’re still unsure, give us a call using the phone number above or fill out the callback form. A friendly member of our team would be more than happy to assist you.

FAQs: Document Retrieval

Q: How do I quickly find where a box is?

A: The quickest route to locating boxes is online. Failing that, just phone our helpdesk and anyone answering the phone will be able to help you. Before you give us a call, make sure you are authorised to do so. You can also make a fax or email request assuming you are not showing personal information which would breach Data Protection legislation.


Q: If I order a large box collection, how quickly will that be done?

A: Next day is the standard service. Larger collections of more than 250 boxes can take a bit more planning so just speak to the help desk staff.

Q: If I ask for a box back, how quickly will it come?

A: Next day is the standard default service. You can have it same day but that costs a little more.


FAQs: Barcodes

Q: How do I know which barcodes to use?

A: The barcodes for the boxes are prefixed with a ‘B’. Those for files are prefixed with an ‘F’. We issue barcodes in the welcome pack or on request through our helpdesk. All bar codes go on the end of the box – please do not put barcodes on lids of boxes or on the sides.

Q: Is there a chance someone else will have barcodes like mine?

A: No, there’s no chance of this happening. Each barcode is unique and will never be replicated on our tracking system.

FAQs: Our Storage Facility

Q: How do you find my files?

A: Our entire warehouse is controlled by very sophisticated software. At all stages of the process, we know exactly where everything is located. Our audit process is all part of the checking and double checking process we go through to make sure this is the case.

Q: How secure is your facility and do the public get access to your premises?

A: Our facility is fully secure with access control on all doors and digital colour recorded CCTV within a ring-fenced site. There is no public access at all. Access is available by appointment only.

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Q: Can I come to view my files at your premises and what is the cost?

A: Yes. We have a lockable, heated facility for you to view files in. There is no charge for use of it, although there will be costs for retrieving the information and refilling after inspection.

Q: Do you employ part-time agency workers?

A: No. All our staff are full-time employees. Given the security and confidentiality involved in what we do this is the best way to control it. All our staff are Disclosure Scotland checked.

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FAQs: What we need from you when archiving documents

Q: If I give you a box with a destruction date on it, will you destroy it on that exact date?

A: No. We use that date for review only. Based on those dates, we do produce regular management reports and make recommendations for destruction based on that evidence. We do not destroy any material without the correct authorisations. The reports we produce are free of charge.

Q: Do I have to repack all my old boxes into your particular make of boxes now?

A: No. We take most makes of box. The important point to remember is to make sure that the box you want to use is fit for purpose. Your archive material could be in those boxes for up to 30 years, so make sure the box is going to be strong enough. Most importantly, do not overload them with more than 16kg.

Q: Can I catalogue the contents of my boxes?

A: Yes. Just phone our help desk and we take you through the process, discuss the fields you need to capture, the best cost options and schedule that in for you on a suitable date.

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“Once again, all very well mannered, hard working and diligent.”

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