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If you’re a homeowner looking to reinvent your living space but don’t think you have the resources to get it done, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re wrong. Interior revivals are the easiest thing in the world – and offer a universe of possibilities in the unlikeliest places. So whether you’re moving house and wondering how to save on new furniture and accessories, or you’ve got a home begging for an interior shake-up, upcycling is the way forward.

The upcycling movement has long been gathering momentum and shows no signs of stopping, with inventive DIYers across the globe transforming their old junk into shiny new whatchamacallits in the name of purposeful repurposing.

So what are you waiting for?

  • Significantly cheaper than investing in new furniture
  • The creation process is tons of fun, either alone or with the family
  • Upcycling is an environmentally friendly alternative to throwing away your old things

Do it yourself:

Upcycling logo

Floppy Disk Plant Holder

If you’ve still got a bunch of these 400kb bad boys gathering dust in your house and can safely say you’ve made the move to the USB, a selection of old floppy disks will do nicely for a series of retro plant holders. Using only the disks, some hot glue and, of course, your plants, you can quickly and easily transform these forgotten household items into some practical quirk.

Jenga Jewellery Rack

An old Jenga set you won’t be using for its original purpose anymore can be cleverly upcycled as a wall-mounted jewellery rack – where you can hang bracelets, necklaces and whatever else takes your fancy. Simply use the versatile shapes of the pieces to your advantage to create a unique wooden rack – and give it a smart new paintjob as you see fit.

Cheese Grater Lamp

Amazingly enough, the common cheese grater serves as a perfectly adequate hanging lamp for those with the resourcefulness to make it happen. And the best part is, it takes practically no time to put together – simply find yourself some hanging light fittings and substitute a standard lamp shade for your inventive cheese grater alternative.

Pallet Sofa

Pallets are the sort of thing that everyone seems inexplicably to have going spare – and if you’ve got access to some of these beauties, you’ll be glad to hear that the upcycling possibilities are virtually endless. Our favourite use for old pallets is to transform them into a summery beach-style corner sofa, using only pallets and a foam mattress for the cushions.

Vintage Suitcase Seat

If you’ve got an old suitcase taking up space in your home that you can’t use but don’t want to get rid of, you’re in luck. A vintage suitcase can be converted into a stylish seating option – so recycle your nostalgia and get busy. Using the case as your seat’s skeleton, line the insides with cushions (raised by a layer of foam), attach legs to the bottom and hey presto. There’s a little more to it than that, though – so try it for yourself.

DIY Snowglobe

Snowglobes are the universal symbol of childhood whimsy – and with a little creative upcycling, you can transform an old, unloved jam jar into a quirky DIY snowglobe. You’ll need a jar, a miniature Christmas tree (or whatever takes your fancy), glitter and some E-6000 glue. Glue your Christmas tree on to the lid of the jar and leave for at least four hours – then fill your jar with water, pour the glitter in, screw the lid on tightly and give your new snowglobe a shake.

Garden Rake Wine Glass Holder

A garden rake’s unique shape makes it an ideal receptacle for your wine glasses. You’ll need to get rid of the handle – but once that’s done, you’ve got a rustic-style kitchen ornament that saves space and looks exceptional.

Sweet Jar Terrarium

A vintage sweet jar is a beautiful specimen and offers great upcycling potential. If you’re looking for a container to house a terrarium, this is an ideal piece for the job – offering a practical solution as well as a gorgeous aesthetic. With a few choice succulents and some clever manoeuvring, you can upcycle your old apothecary jar into a dainty plant feature for your home. Find out how it’s done right here.

Grand Piano Bookshelf

You’re going to need a grand piano for this one – but if you’re the lucky owner of said item, you’ve got the makings of one impressive wall-mounted bookshelf. By disassembling the piano’s insides and refurbishing the exterior, you can produce a gorgeous and grand bookshelf overflowing with character. This is a little trickier than the others, but well worth the effort.

Happy hacking!

And if you’re getting prepared for a big move and want to make sure the redecorating is all you need to worry about, Removal Services Scotland can help. We specialise in removals – and we can guarantee that your moving process is a seamless one, leaving you plenty of time to get creative.

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