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Fed up with staring at the bare walls in your new home? Why don’t you showcase your children’s talent and exhibit their artwork around the house? It can be difficult for kids to get comfortable in a new environment, so this is a good way to help them feel more relaxed in their new home. Here are five interesting and clever ways to showcase your kids’ artwork:


Paintings on a wall

Image Courtesy of

1. The wall of frame

This is a great idea if you have some spare frames lying around. Simply pick a wall in your house and hang the frames as a good way to make their artwork look neater and more professional. It is also quick and easy to change out artworks, add new creations and accommodate to a range of differently sized pictures.




Image Courtesy of

2. Strings attached

Another cheap and easy way to hang artwork is along a string or wire. Just position the string where you want it, making it as long or as short as you wish. You can use bulldog or paper clips to attach the artworks to the string.




Image Courtesy of

3. Exhibition-worthy poster

Do your kids have too many great art pieces to choose from? If so, why not let Simply Create Kids turn your favourite pieces of your kids’ art into an exhibition-worthy poster? What a great way to give the children’s pictures that professional look and feel!


4. Personalised fridge magnets

We all know that the fridge is a favourite place for the kids’ artwork to end up. So, why not shake up the norm by having their art printed onto personalised fridge magnets? You can even give them away as gifts; the grandparents will love them, for sure.


Child writing on a wall

Image Courtesy of


5. Let them draw on the wall

Normally a parent’s worst nightmare, here you can allow them to be creative in a controlled area. You can draw outlines on the wall and let them fill the shapes with colour. Don’t want to draw directly onto the wall? You could splash out on a large canvas and all decorate it together, making it into the feature wall for the room.


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