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Seaside relaxation in summer, snow sports in winter and good food the whole year round. France is a dream destination for relocating families, young professionals and retirees alike.


Removal Services Scotland Move To France How To Guide 2

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Glamorous coastal retreats in impossibly picturesque towns. Wrought-iron railings on romantic Parisian streets. Enchanting country villages with friendly local bakers. France is a country that has it all, including the power to set your imagination alight. If you want to make this ideal your reality, read on. Learn how to make the most of your new life in this diverse, sun-soaked country.


Moving to France After Brexit

Living in France can be cheaper than the UK as many expenses are covered by the state. This includes education, nursery, sports and an allocation for rent, bills and transport. If the French way of life is tempting you to move, now is the time to consider your emigration to France. Brexit is set to make our freedom of movement more uncertain, and the legal proceedings around this monumental process will take some time to iron out. In the meantime, healthcare, visas and tax agreements remain unchanged.


Getting a French Visa

According to Gov UK, “British citizens and subjects with a right of abode in the UK require no visa to enter France.” Moving to France after Brexit could be more difficult, however until the separation is fully enacted it is difficult to anticipate what the impact on visas will be. Anyone moving to France longer term, however, will need to apply for permanent residence status and the Sécurité Sociale.


Working in France

A better work-life balance is certainly one of France’s most attractive attributes. The country places great emphasis on the importance of rest. According to Farrah Skimani, a young professional from Montpellier, “People are not really stressed by life. We have a lot of holidays and the law limits work to 35 hours per week.” In 2017, France even introduced laws to prevent people from checking their work emails outside of working hours.


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Taxes in France

As for taxes, the UK Government has good news, “Britain has a double taxation agreement with France to ensure people do not pay tax on the same income in both countries.” This means that, as long as Britain remains within the EU, you won’t pay for British assets twice – just be sure to declare them separately in your annual tax return.


Buying or Renting in France

RightMove and Zoopla both offer properties in France as well as the UK. Having a bank account in France will help you get going with your apartment or house hunting. Opening an international bank account at home and transferring it to France should help you manage the process with minimal hassle. This was the top tip from travel writer, Andi, who recently relocated from the USA to Nice. The UK Government has also compiled a helpful guide on how to buy property in France.


Moving Your Belongings to France

When you are moving your precious possessions from the UK to France, you want a service you can trust. Removal Services Scotland has decades of experience in international removals», offering free packing material, European removals insurance and door-to-door service. Let us take care of the smaller details (such as access to France, vehicle restrictions and delicate items) so that you can start planning your new life.


Healthcare in France

According to GOV UK, “French health insurance is administered by the social security system, ‘Sécurité Sociale’ and your ‘Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie’ (CPAM).” For residents in France, a ‘mutuelle’ (top-up insurance cover) meets the cost of healthcare that is not already covered by a ‘Carte Vitale.’ Contact your CPAM once you have moved to France to ensure you’re covered by healthcare services in your new French home.


Removal Services Scotland Move To France How To Guide 3

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Languages in France

Unsurprisingly, the official language in France is French. As it is so widely spoken, you will find transitioning into everyday life there much easier if you speak the language. This is also true of your children, who will be likely to use French in school and with their new friends. Full immersion in a language is always the best way to improve your fluency quickly. Try language-learning apps such as Duolingo and Memrise, online courses such as Babbel, and watching French films in the run-up to your move.


Food in France

France is famed for its food, but what makes its cuisine so special is the way the French enjoy it. Montpellier-native Farrah told us, “Taking time everyday for a proper lunch – with three courses, seated around a table – is my favourite aspect of French food. It not a particular dish, but the way we eat.” France is the nation that invented the terms ‘gourmet,’ ‘cordon-bleu’ and ‘haute cuisine.’ However it also has some of the world’s finest rustic dishes, such as bouillabaisse and tartiflette.


If the thought of a more relaxing pace of life – punctuated with good company, good food and good scenery – is tempting you across the channel, then please get in touch to start planning your move to France» with a free, no obligation quote. We are equipped to get your new life in the sun off to the best start, helping you to make your move with ease.


About The Author

Nathanael Smith is a freelance copywriter, copy editor and film critic. As a fluent French speaker and someone who has spent a great deal of time in France, he knows what’s important to consider when starting a new life in across the Channel.


DISCLAIMER: This article has been produced for guidance only and does not constitute legal advice. Copyright © 2017 Removal Services Scotland



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