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3 essential tips for socially integrating

Moving with your family is an exciting and gratifying time, but can also be immensely complex and stressful. Even besides the array of practicalities to account for, including preparing your children for the big transition, the process of integrating with your new neighbourhood and community can be a long and difficult one.

Facebooktwitter and Twitter are designed with interaction in mind, and with these channels as your trusty moving companions you and your family will be honorary members of the community in no time.

1. Check Out the Hotspots

The first thing you’ll need to know when you make the all-important move is where to spend free time with your family, and thanks to sites like Foursquare and Pinterest it’s easy.

pinterest is the online answer to hotspot-hunting, with image boards dedicated to just about everywhere, so you can spy on your new neighbourhood prior to the move itself. Checking out these Pinterest boards gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with the local scene, helping you to find any landmarks or hives of activity that the kids will love and, of course, essentials like the best local coffee shops and bars.

Social network Foursquare is the ultimate resource for anyone in need of a guide to local hangouts. Here you’ll find ratings and reviews for all of your new nearby haunts, so you can frequent the best shops and eateries like a real-life local. Sites like Foursquare are an amazing place for all the family to find somewhere to check in once they’ve moved in.

2. Get Up-to-Date

Settling into a new community means staying up-to-date with local news, and thanks to Facebook and Twitter you can get a nice head-start. Do some research into your new home’s local news outlets and make sure to follow them on major social networks. This gives you a regular stream of local updates and should completely eliminate that ‘out of touch’ feeling that often comes with moving to a new place.

By staying on top of local goings on and getting to know your new neighbourhood, you and your family can be an active part of the community as soon as you get there.

3. Crack the Community

There are Facebook groups dedicated to just about everything, and that includes your new community. Explore Facebook in search of tourist attractions, facebooklocal information and community groups to familiarise yourself with the neighbourhood culture prior to the move, and make sure to keep an eye out for social media buttons on any sites you come across during your online travels. These make for a very handy way to bookmark pages of interest if you think they’ll be a great pre-move resource.

Moving with your family can undoubtedly be an unsettling time, but with tools like Facebook and Twitter by your side, finding a new circle of friends for you and your children, and becoming a valued part of your new community, couldn’t be easier.


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