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How to Make a Rocket from Packing Boxes


What you will need:
1 Large Box
A Pair of Scissors
Paint & a Paintbrush
A RulerA Pen
Duct Tape
Extra Cardboard

Step 1

The large box is the base of the rocket. Cut three sides
of the box to create a door, fold it back so that it is hinged.

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Why social media is the key to a happy home move

3 essential tips for socially integrating

Moving with your family is an exciting and gratifying time, but can also be immensely complex and stressful. Even besides the array of practicalities to account for, including preparing your children for the big transition, the process of integrating with your new neighbourhood and community can be a long and difficult one.

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NHS Security breach

Clients often ask us if it's acceptable to fax patient file details to us. Understandably as seen below we are nervous about this and always encourage users to use our secure hosted ftp site for transferring data. After that they can then view our secure, encrypted online ordering service for viewing, editing and ordering files.

Just published is the following article………..

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Scotlands’ archive

I wondered how long it would take for this to happen……….

Valuable data about key aspects of modern Scottish life is being lost in a digital archive “black hole”, it has been warned.

The National Library of Scotland said online and social media coverage from the past 20 years was disappearing.

It has urged the UK government to act swiftly on proposals to give libraries the legal right to collect and store electronic publications.

Legislation passed in 2003 is scheduled to be implemented in 2013.

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Lessons of Wikileaks not learned for sensitive file storage

A recent study suggests that Organisations in the UK have not changed their attitudes towards the threat of insider breaches despite the lessons of Wikileaks.

In a survey of IT Professionals 86% could not categorically state how many sensitive files were stored on their networks. Only 41% had an idea of where they were stored and an astonishing 18% had no idea where they were stored at all.

More of a concern was that 32% of them confessed that their organisation had lost data as a result of people abusing file access rights.

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