Survey results: Neighbours behaving badly: Brits dish the dirt on their street

Survey results at Removal Services Scotland, we conducted an online survey to find out about some of Britain’s biggest bust-ups with their neighbours.

Asking Brits to share the most annoying thing a neighbour of theirs has ever done, we wanted to find out more about what goes on on Britain’s streets.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best responses:

What’s the most annoying thing a neighbour of yours has ever done?
Played loud music
Let their dog bark all night
Played music through the night
Sang incessantly
Parked in my spot
Constantly played music
Played music until 5am
Argued with our 13 year old son
Played music all night
Let their dogs bark all day
Hosted a noisy party
Accused us of making too much noise
Banged on the walls
Had their TV too loud
Borrowed tools and not returned them
Built a fence without our permission
Cut branches off my tree
Damaged my property
Left rubbish out in the lobby overnight
DIY late at night
Left their dogs in the garden
Played music until 4am
Drilled late at night
Killed my pet
Flooded my kitchen
Planted tall trees and didn’t maintain them
Let their dog out at 4am and waking the neighbourhood up
Complained about my garden
Got a restraining order
Had a huge party
Used my internet line
Shouted constantly
Had arguments at night
Called the police for no reason
Left the outside lights on all night
Never cut their grass for 3 years
Opposed building plans
Parked car on our land
Parked over my driveway
Played music in their garden
Used our wheelie bin
Set off fireworks when they know they scare our dog
Shouted at their kids all day
Stomped around at night
Littered in the street
Whistled constantly