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Whether you’ve survived a family move before or this is your very first move, we have created this guide especially for you. Our aim is to help you to get you and your family from A to B in one piece, sanity intact. No two moves are exactly the same and every family’s experience of a move will be as different as they are. However, a few things about moving never changes; it takes a lot of research, planning, preparation, proactivity and a whole lot of energy. If you have started any research on moving your family you’ll know that there is a vast amount of really useful advice to be had out there, especially online. So what makes this guide different? Well, we’ve worked hard to research, scour and compile the very best of advice from an array of parent bloggers and child psychologist Dr Katherine Edwards, giving you one less thing to do. Our experience also means we’ve seen it all, from the smallest to the most epic of moves. Moving is our thing and our helpful advice is at hand.

Whether your reason for moving is a positive one or it is out of your control, moving is often an emotional and sometimes traumatic time. When you bring family into the equation, moving can feel daunting or even completely overwhelming. When moving your family, it is impossible to control every aspect and you won’t get everything exactly right but being aware of the possible bumps in the road can make all the difference.


We would like to warmly thank all of the parents, bloggers and specialists who kindly took the time to share their experiences, wonderful advice and expertise to support other families looking for guidance.

Ultimate Family Moving Guide – by the team at Removal Services Scotland