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Average UK removal costs 2024: Your property bid is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cost of moving home. The Telegraph estimates that it takes an additional £12,000 to make a move.


Removal Services Scotland Average UK Removal Costs

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UK Moving Costs To Consider

When it comes to moving your belongings, the volume of things you are moving, the distance they are travelling and the ease of access to your old and new properties are key factors that will affect your moving costs. The total cost of moving home varies. We’ve gathered the average UK removal costs 2024 to give you a benchmark, as well as top tips on how to get the best value for money.


Conveyancing Fees

£446 on average for a freehold property (Really Moving)

Stamp Duty

The % tax on all properties over £125,000 (Gov UK)

Property Survey

£725 on average for buildings worth less than £500,000 (Which)

Removals and Storage

Subject to individual circumstances. Get an obligation-free quote.


Removal Services Scotland Average UK Removal Costs Family

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How To Keep Moving Costs Low


Think About Your Location

Ease of access is a crucial component of removals costs. Moving to London? Getting in and out will be more expensive than elsewhere. Going rural? Narrow country roads, ferry costs and journeys to remote parts of Scotland can influence what type of vehicle is required and the cost of your move.

Get One Quote To Cover All Costs

You don’t want to receive any unwelcome surprises mid-move. Ensure that your removals company gives you a comprehensive quote that covers all of the costs involved, allowing you to make an informed decision ahead of time.

Look For Freebies

Ask your removals company what complimentary services they offer as part of their service. Removals Services Scotland provides free packing material and removals insurance to help ease the financial burden of moving.

Save Up To 50% By Part-Loading

Removals to Europe can be particularly expensive. In order to fill its vehicles efficiently, Removal Services Scotland is always on the lookout for extra part loads – from a few items of furniture to a larger volume. Why not see if you can benefit from cheaper part load removals?


Ultimately, part of what you pay for with removal services is peace of mind. When choosing your removals company, ensure that it has extensive experience and will remain with you from door-to-door, providing consistency and familiarity throughout the process. Factors such as these will help to guarantee you feel comfortable with the decisions you make regarding your move.



About The Author

Nathanael Smith is a freelance copywriter, copy editor and film critic. As someone who moved to Scotland and now travels the country for work and leisure, he knows what’s important to consider when relocating. With a true creative eye, Nathanael can spot a good location a mile off.



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