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International shipping update- Red Sea, Suez Canal.

International Shipping update. As has been widely reported in the media, the situation in the Red Sea has become increasingly tense and confrontational. This has now led to most shipping lines avoiding this route, or altering their scheduling.

As a result, we believe this will a cause number of major impacts on shipping household goods Internationally, especially to some of our busiest destinations (Australia, New Zealand and Asia) as follows:

The first impact is on transit times.

Vessels are now being diverted via the Cape of Good Hope around the southern tip of South Africa. This is adding an average of 10 – 15 days to transit times to most destinations. This can lead to further issues such as cost increases due to vessels running behind schedule.

The second impact is on vessels being displaced.

Shipping lines may decide to miss out selected ports to try to manage their transit times. As a result, they might re-route containers to alternative ports. There will be cost implications to this and in the event that this situation arises which will have to be covered by the shipper and passed on to the client.

The third impact is generally on prices for containers.

Most of the shipping lines have placed an emergency surcharge on all containers being shipped since the start of January. The issues highlighted above together with other cost increases, for example, obtaining insurance on vessels, additional fuel, staff costs and availability etc all have an impact on the cost of shipping a container. These sums can range from USD500.00 to USD1500.00 per container.

In conclusion, Removal Services Scotland always quote the most up to date rates to our customers for international shipments. We will keep you fully updated on any transit time or cost changes. Help and advice is available for any aspect of your international house removal, contact us for free advice.




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