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Making Friends in a New Neighbourhood. Moving is often a stressful time for everyone involved, and when you’re moving with children you’ll have to consider that it can be a lonely time as well. It can be difficult for a child to feel at home in a new environment without the familiar faces of their friends around and breaking into new social groups and relationships can be an intimidating prospect.

Here are some ways that you can lend a hand and help your children to settle into a new neighbourhood:

Children playing twister

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1. Host A Party For The Neighbourhood Children

Have your child make some invitations and hand deliver them around the neighbourhood and let them help decorate so they’re involved and feel proud to show off their new home. Wondering what to do to keep the kids busy? Try a classic party game like Twister or prepare some fairy cakes or biscuits for decorating.



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2. Get Involved In Local Activities, Sports Clubs & After School Groups 

Is there a sports club in your area, or perhaps a local scout or guide troop? Signing your son or daughter up to an organisation like this is a great way for them to meet some children their own age with similar interests.


Ice cream

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3. Set Up A Pavement-Side Activity Station

If it’s a nice day, call round the neighbours’ to let them know you and your child will be playing some games outside and would love it if they came along. Break out the football, chalk or skipping ropes (and maybe even a plate of biscuits) and try and get a group involved. Alternatively, a grab-your-own snacks table would no doubt go down a treat.


Movie night at home

Image Courtesy of KidSpot

4. Host A Movie Night

Pop some popcorn and choose a crowd-pleaser. You could invite a few local families around for an informal pizza dinner and get to know the parents a bit while the kids are occupied with the film.

5. Find A Group That Travels To School Together & Join In

Whether it’s car-sharing or a school run, this is a great way to introduce your child to classmates who live locally. It also gives you the chance to get to know the parents in the neighbourhood as well.

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