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Removals to France – customs 

Since January 1st 2021 the rules for moving household goods to, or from France have changed.

Our knowledge of the customs rules will help to make the moving process to France less stressful for you. Friendly staff can provide the assistance you need to ensure your removal is carried out smoothly. Our customer reviews reflect the many very satisfied customers, specifically commenting on the professionalism of our services.

Common questions

Do I have to pay duty on items shipped from UK to France? 

  • For a change of residence -as long as you are able to provide the documents requested below and move the goods within 12 months and it is a permanent move to France then no duty or tax is payable.
  • For second home owners, tax on the transport costs and duty on the second hand value of the goods is payable. (We will arrange all of the customs formalities and pre-pay any charges on your behalf).

How much does it cost to move furniture from UK to France?

  • The transport removal costs are based on volume, location and moving dates. So you pay for the amount of space used in our vehicle. Restricted access locations can add to the cost if we need to use a “shuttle” van for the final delivery. Flexibility with moving dates can help us to combine loads more effectively and help keep costs lower. (We often post upcoming trips on our part load page of our website, so worth checking what space is available to save money).
  • For part loads of up to 10 cubic metres you can expect to pay around £1200-1800.00
  • For full house removals you could expect to pay around £5000-7000.00.
  • No V.A.T is applicable.

What goods Cannot be taken into France?

  • The following items are also restricted or prohibited from being included in a household goods shipment:

    • Alcohol and Tobacco Products
    • Unlicensed Drugs
    • Weapons, firearms, fireworks, explosives or ammunition
    • Pornographic material or indecent materials involving children
    • Counterfeit goods
    • Radio transmitters
    • Milk products or foodstuffs
    • Animals, birds or fish (whether alive or dead)
    • Parts taken from protected animal species, including furs, ivory etc.

Import Documents:

  • Detailed Inventory with Values
  • Signed “bon de non cession” French Customs Form
  • Proof of Residence in France (Lease Document or Utility Bill)
  • Copy of Photo Page of Passport
  • Company Letter of Transfer OR change of residence provided by the French Consulate in the UK (proving more than one year stay outside the EU required and more than one year expected stay in France required). Or utility bill, council tax etc.

Removals from France to Scotland;

Additionally, you will need to obtain a transfer of residence (T.O.A) certificate from UK HMRC to allow your goods to be imported to the UK tax and duty free. Here is the link

The moving process is still relatively straightforward, so contact us for further information and advice- we are here to help.

Our removal quotes are free and we offer video surveys to assess the volume to be moved and other packing requirements. This also allows us to check on any access or parking issues.

Check out our part load service. Take advantage of sharing space on a truck coming back to the UK, perhaps from Spain or Italy, to obtain a significant discount saving on the cost of your move.

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