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Removal Services Scotland recommends that Li-ION batteries are NOT included in international shipments.


The acceptance of ‘Li-ION’ batteries in household and personal effects shipments is a complicated subject.  There is a widely reported increased fire risk associated with these batteries. International Shipping Lines themselves have been inconsistent in standardising their rules for the inclusion or exclusion of these items from a consignment.  Typically, we experience that Shipping Lines will decide on a shipment by shipment basis whether Li-ION batteries can be included.  This extends to all and any items which may require such power units, examples include but not limited to cordless power tools, laptops, e-scooters, e-bikes and similar.


We understand that these batteries are very likely being included in shipments incorrectly, whether through choice or ignorance. While this may be a risk the consumer or shipper decide to take, it’s not until something catastrophic happens that the real risks will become apparent. The consumer needs to be aware that the liability for substantial fines for misdeclaration or insurance claims should the undeclared battery combust causing damage to the container and potentially the vessel, will likely rest with them.


We assure all customers that we will always use our best endeavours to provide an efficient and trouble-free overseas move and offer advice as required. This update is intended to provide you with unbiased information on the state of shipping these type of batteries and its many challenges.  If you have any questions, please contact us. 

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